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Caring for your Devanos

Caring for your Devanos

Caring for your shoes is the most important aspect and the one which is least stressed upon. Investing in a well fitted and good quality pair of shoes is as important as taking good care of them. Simple steps would help to preserve the condition of your shoes and make sure they remain looking like new so that you can cherish them for a long time.

  1. Always use a dust bag and boxes to store your shoes and to protect them from accumulating dust.
  1. For closed shoes, please use the shoe sticks provided to maintain the shape of the shoes.
  1. Use a soft brush to take off the dust from your leather or suede shoes after you wear them. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean false leather shoes. However, be careful with materials that are prone to staining. Contact a professional cleaning service in such cases.
  1. Store your shoes away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place; away from high humidity, oil, grease and other abrasive substances that can spoil the material of the shoes.
  1. In case your shoes get wet, leave them to dry completely before storing them. Suede shoes are prone to staining quickly so avoid dropping water or any other substance on them. Use a suede protector spray to prevent staining.
  1. Avoid contact with any materials that may transfer their colour pigments onto our products.
  1. Use a shoe horn while wearing your closed shoes as it helps to protect the shoes from damages or creases while wearing.
  1. For leather shoes, use a good quality shoe cream in the right shade (preferably natural since it works with all colors) to polish your shoes to retain the shine and suppleness of the leather. Use a shoe polish brush to spread the cream all over the shoe surface, let it dry for about 20 minutes and then use the brush to remove any excess.

At Devano, each pair of shoes is handcrafted with utmost precision, adhering to the highest quality standards. Each box of shoes comes with a care card so you can ensure a longer life for each pair.

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