The Brand Story

About Us

Devano is a modern Indian footwear label where we’re crafting an unforgettable experience for each of our customers every day. We started with the aim to change the way you look at shoes – from just a necessity to a must-have fashion accessory & a wardrobe staple. We believe there is a unique pair for every unique you & we want to be yours!

Continuously Evolving

At Devano, we want to be a brand that creates something different, breaks the clutter, constantly experiments to bring fresh ideas to improve comfort & give you the best quality possible. Our promise is to be continuously evolving, so we’re always ahead of not just the trends but also innovation, from heels to flats and everything in between for our new-age customers. We’re on a mission to take Indian craftsmanship to the global stage.


Each pair of Devano is handcrafted meticulously by our craftsmen using age-old techniques that have been passed down over generations with milimetric precision.

Our lasts are technically engineered to provide better arch support, fit & more comfort. Each pair goes through several hours of craftsmanship with over 25 different components & close to a hundred steps for assembling to give you a product that you will love.

Our Commitment

We commit to caring for the environment through our efforts for being more sustainable. We commit to reducing animal cruelty by negating the use of leather. We commit to improving the lives of our craftsmen & craftswomen. We commit to being more inclusive with our sizes. We commit to giving back to the society that supports us to thrive.

The Creative Side

At Devano, each day is a play at work when we’re on the designing desk. We’re brimming with ideas, itching to experiment more & create designs that leave you gasping & wanting to grab a pair right away.

The creative side of Devano is led by a team armed with an in-depth education in footwear design & production and a wide breadth of experience of working on projects with renowned designers showcased at India Fashion Week, India Couture Week & Paris Fashion Week, including receiving industry accolades & awards.